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"Old" RSC forums - Undivided

I posted this on the RSC forums and thought it might be a good idea to post it here as well.

Hello everyone, Cremeans0 here.

I want to discuss our forums.

Before we go into what I want to talk about, lets briefly go through some forum history.

- Before the RSC forums were hidden from the public and classic itself was closed our forums were "larger".

By larger I mean a larger community and simple put a bigger forum "area". I'll go into the "area" a little later.

Once RSC was closed to all new users the RSC forums continued on its own path. We still kept our trading posts active and made requests for the botters to be banned, etc.

After awhile Jagex started to notice all the reports RSC users were sending in regarding RS2 "spam".

- Selling whip 5M. Whip is not in rsc. Still selling whip!!!

All "Active" users of the RSC forums were given a chance to post on a "review" thread. All anyone had to do was post there saying that they wanted to continue using the RSC forums as it would be closing in 2 weeks time.

Once the RSC forums were closed to all "outsiders" our forums became rather silent. With the game closed to new members we kind of became stagnate. After all no new information was really entering the forums. We might get a few how do I train X or where is this NPC. But in general the forums kept quit.

This in turn led to a few annoying trends.

The trend which I was most annoyed by was "Grave-digging" -bumping 2+ year old threads, just to make the original author look like a fool.
-Or posting on long "dead" threads which had been asking for help, which led to people trying to help a long "dead" op.

If someone was able to add a new insight to a "dead" thread I was alright with that, but when things get to the point of "Hey guys look at this thread I found! This kid still thinks Easter are 4m!!!! L O L!!!!" - Just got tiring to deal with honestly

After awhile of playing in-game players would run across users who had no idea that the RSC forums still existed.

This led players to post on others behalf, or make a request for a J-Mod to "grant" them access to the RSC forums.

This of course led to the RSC forum access request threads creation.

In amongst this time frame the RSC forum community had "two" "active" J-Mods to help around the forums.

Mod Dave (Why you quit Jagex):(
And of course Mod Emilieeeeeeeeeee.

Mod Dave is the staffer that really tried to keep the RSC community going. He helped organize events and was the ONLY staffer amongst Jagex who took the time to BAN the BOTS of RSC! (Manual Ban for the Win)

Now I think I've covered enough of the RSC forum history to get into what I wanted to discuss O_o.

With our forums being to slow to a crawl most players discussed a possible "shrinking" or removal of the RSC forum sections.

The "old" RSC forums contained the following:

RSC General - Anything RSC related
RSC Marketplace - Trade items in RSC
RSC Pk-ing - RSC Player Killing
RSC Clans - Clans active in RSC

Here are the "new" RSC forum sections:

RSC Discussion - For any RSC topic not covered by the other forums
RSC Community - For RSC related trades, duels, events & clans
RSC Feedback - For feedback and discussion about RSC & the RSC forum section

We had dicussed it with Mod Dave over why we felt certain forum section should be removed.

I thought that the Pking and Clan forums should have been removed due to the fact that Pking was all but dead and their was only 3 active clans remaining.

As you can tell with what remains, our ideas seemed to have made it through.

But with all that condensing things have gone through I think we should reevaluate it slightly.

As it stands the RSC community section is mostly "reserved" for trading goods and little events are carried out.

I personally find it endearing that the "RSC Discussion" as it is stated, in its sub-description is basically RSC's own Off-Topic section. While the "RSC Feedback" section is really meant to be RSC's Discussion area.

So I ask, Should the RSC forums be re/worked/named to fit how they are currently being used?

I think the RSC Discussion should contain everyone's "clans" and eventing activities, while the Feedback section should be more "off-topic"

Although if all that was done it really boils the forums down into only 2 sections really.

In the end we all do our own things. No one reads the forum specific rules anyway O_o

I could just be over thinking this whole "mess" but I thought it was worth talking about.

At least I got to discuss the RSC forum history :)

I encourage everyone to add to this, what are the things you are noticing around these forums? What are some improvements that could be made, etc?

- On a personal note, I do not think we should close the RSC forums from public posting/viewing again. As that would means that I would have to log-on every-time I wanted to view the forums ;)

I know we get "spam" at times, but take the time and report it calmly and have a mod redirect the thread. Don't bite someones head off for posting here "wrongly". They could be making a honest mistake.

*Gah why we even have those forum specific rules! It's not like anyone reads them. Perhaps Jagex should make them a force read upon entering a "new" forum for the first time*


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The "vetting" process

I posted this idea on the RSC forums. Quick find code: 50-51-474-60473505

Hello everyone, Cremeans0 here and I have an idea of sorts.

You might want to be sitting down for this, I'll wait. Everyone is sitting down I hope. Paul I see you, get down from the ceiling fan!

Anyway, what would everyone think about the idea of Jagex allowing none veteran players of Runescape Classic access to world 1?

Now if this was allowed I think it should be done if a few requirements were met.

Those requirements could be:

1k Total Level
Completion of Legends quest
"Served" 1 year playing RSC. *

* What I mean by serve is that the account has been created on RSC for at least 1 year. That means the users who just created their accounts within the last 6 months reopening would be applicable within the year for their "start" date. Accounts which were reset would fall under that same category unless Jagex holds records that did show a previous start date.

Now the limitations of this idea would go to how could Jagex enforce this change.

For the completion of Legends quest they would have to add a few lines of code, which would recognize it's completion meant one of the requirements to access W1 was met. The same method could be applied to once 1k+ total level is reached that information is stored as a recognition, part "b" access requirement met, etc.

The other possible way to go about viewing those who have reached the proposed requirements would be setting up a thread for players to post on. Once they believe they have done all the tasks outlined, they would post their name and would gain access accordingly.

That was done to similar effect when the RSC forums were closed to "outsiders" before the game was reopened.

If any of you want to offer your views to this, feel free. If you think this should not be done at all state why or if you wish to add what you feel would be more "acceptable" requirements to access the vet world.

It just my feeling that once you have completed legends quest you should be seen as one, a true vet of RSC.

After all in order to complete legends quest you basically must have all skills to lv 50 and beat all quests in the game.

Doing that, to me seems like a show of great effort on the part of any player. It shows that the player is skilled and most likely knowledgeable about the game.

This also allows the new players of RSC a goal to aim for. If I was not a "vet" already I would see this challenge as being awesome.

- I complete all the quests, get my skills up and play for a year and I get the access a whole "new" server! Epic win ^_^


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

User's Vocabulary

This video reminds me of how some users of Runescape abuse the English language.

If you don't know what something means, don't use it. =3


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